Sri Lanka Shelling Of Civilians Goes On Without End

During the past week, we have daily reported examples of shelling by Sri Lanka forces as the last remnants of Tamil Tigers cling to a small piece of territory in the northeast section of the island. Unfortunately, the government is shelling civilians who are unable to escape the end of a brutal civil war which cost the lives of over 70,000 people. Yesterday, doctors reported government forces had shelled a hospital with devastating casualties to civilians. Naturally, the Sri Lanka government insists there were no such shellings and everything is simply Tamil Tiger propaganda. Dr. T. Varaharajah, who works in a hospital just a mile from the front reports: “there were two attacks today” and sixty four civilians were killed and 87 injured.

The people and government of Sri Lanka have every right to feel a sense of vengeance toward the Tamil Tigers for the horror they have caused the nation over the past two decades. But, it is now over and civilians will be part of any reconstruction effort. It is time to reach out in peace and love toward the innocent who suffer just as much as those who are victims of hate.