Sri Lanka Slaughter Goes On

Perhaps, thirty years of bitter civil war can not be forgiven in a few weeks or even years, and the end of fighting in Sri Lanka demonstrates virulent hate continues to exist on both sides of the struggle. Government armed forces pushed even deeper into the last piece of territory still controlled by the rebel Tamil Tigers. Reports from UN medical staff in the besieged pocket indicate hundreds of civilians continue to be killed and wounded as both sides blast away at one another in these concluding moments of a horrible civil war. UN officials are begging the government to halt artillery attacks and for the Tamil Tigers to allow civilians to leave, but each side appears more interested in blaming the other for being violent than halting its own violent attacks.

Reality is both sides are using civilians as shields and could not care how many will die.
Tamil Tigers have reached the end of the rope and are now resorting to suicide attacks since they lack the means to counter-attack or even to repel the oncoming army. Most probably within a few weeks the end will come, not with a bang, but with a whimper of defeat.