Sri Lanka Slaughter Of Civilians Continues

Reports from Sri Lanka indicate that hundreds of civilians have been killed and over a thousand wounded during the recent army attacks to wipe out the last vestiges of insurgent territory. A doctor working in what was designated as a “no-fire-zone” said at least 378 civilians are dead and 1,212 injured during a series of attacks by army forces the previous night. This marks the bloodiest day since the government launched its all-out drive to wipe out the last remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) which is fiercely holding onto a sliver of land in the northeast section of the island. In theory, the government ordered civilians to get out of the way, but there is no way they can escape control of rebels.

As usual, the government denies any shelling occurred. The doctors undoubtedly never saw any dead bodies and the wounded were figments of their imagination. The continued lies of the Sri Lanka government simply reveal its inability to conclude the long, bloody, vicious war in a manner that would set the stage for reconciliation.