Sri Lanka, The War That Arouses No Protests

A civil war has raged for nearly three decades on the island nation of Sri Lanka in which at least 70,000 have died, but for some reason this slaughter has never captured the interest or imagination of the radical left which is concerned about human rights. Government forces have now pushed the remaining Tamil Tigers into a 142 square mile area in which there are also thousands of innocent civilians, but artillery continues to blast away and hundreds of civilians continue to be killed. There are only some improvised hospitals to care for dozens who daily are wounded or killed as the desperate Tamil guerrillas conduct a last ditch struggle for survival. As General Nadya Nanayakkar notes: “we don’t mind if they are captured or swallow cyanide. They have been a cancer to this country and they must suffer.”

Tamil forces are suffering but so are thousands of civilians who are caught in the cross fire. The International Red Cross says dozens of people daily arrive at makeshift hospitals which lack facilities or trained personnel. Shelling continues on the part of both sides. Yesterday, a Tamil Tiger threw a grenade into a bus as the rebels prefer dying to surrendering.

The United States of America had a civil war in which over 500,000 died, not 70,000. The Lincoln government offered peace and no punishment to those who began the war in order to heal the wounds of battle. This might be good advice for the government of Sri Lanka.