Sri Lanka War May Conclude In Disaster

The long war in Sri Lanka is just about over but for thousandsk of innocent people trapped in a small area on the northeast corner of the island, they may become the last victims of a war that once seemingly had no end. Rebels belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have been pushed into a corner but they have dragged thousands of civilians into the small enclave in order to deter the Sri Lanka army from completing the task of ending the war. The UN is pleading with both sides to allow the civilians to leave, but neither side appears willing to budge. “If the Sri Lankan army would try to go into there,” said a UN official, if the LTTE would not be ready to let those civilians go, then we’ll wind up with a bloodbath, and this must by all means be avoided.”

In London, supporters of the LTTE demonstrated but their group’s reign of terror has hardened the hearts of the Sri Lankan government. The LTTE most probably wants to use the civilians as a cover to escape. It is doubtful if the government will allow that exit strategy.