Sri Lanka War Winds Down

The decades long civil war in Sri Lanka between the Tamil minority and the government is nearly over as members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are pushed into a narrow area on the northeast section of the island. Leaders of the Tamil Tigers appealed for international action that might lead the government to halt its offense and allow a cease fire. They made clear, “we also wish to inform the international community that we are ready to discuss, cooperate and work together in all their efforts to bring an immediate ceasefire and work towards a political settlement.” The words sound peaceful, but after over 25 years of killing it is unrealistic for the Tamil leaders to suddenly claim they only want a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The government made clear they want a white flag of surrender and will not accept anything less.

The Sri Lanka government position is understandable, but there is also room for making clear to the Tamil minority there now is an opportunity to end discrimination and accord Tamils equal rights. The murderous suicide bombs of the LTTE has engendered anger and hate. It is too late to suddenly change minds about how to fight for equality. Perhaps, if the LTTE had looked across to India they might have achieved their goals by adopting the ideas of an Indian leader- Gandhi.

  • Jay de Silva

    Three points wrong in this:

    (1) The war is NOT against the Tamil minority. It is against a group of terrorists who were originally criminals and smugglers.

    (2) There has never been discrimination against the Tamils. This is an invention by the terrorist’s propaganda as they had no cause.

    (3) ALL the demands the Tamil politicians made were granted as far back as 1978. There are no further demands by the Tamils.

    Besides, there have ALWAYS been Tamil political parties in Parliament. That is how the Tamil “demnds” were met by 1978. There are FOUR Tamil political parties today, and the government IS talking to them. The Govt tried talking to the terrorists for a long time, but each time they refused to talk.

    More tamils have been killed by the terrorists that Sinhalese (the Majority group). Please check with UN, ICRC, etc.