Sri Lankan Forces Take Rebel Capital

For nearly one fourth of a century, war has raged within Sri Lanka between Tamil and Sinhalese forces. The nation has witnessed nonstop killing, suicide bombers, air strikes, war and devastation as the two groups battle for the right to impose their view of reality upon the island. President Mahinda Rajapakse insists “this was an unparalleled victory,” ignoring that years ago the rebel capital was captured and then lost. Most probably, it is a psychological victory and makes it more difficult for the Tamil Tigers to continue their fighting. Even as the president demanded surrender, the capital of Colombo was rocked by a suicide bomber who killed three and injured 37, many of whom were members of the air force.

Planet Earth has these ongoing wars in which each side is confident it alone knows the truth and that truth will eventually be triumphant. After a war that has gone on for 25 years it is difficult to use expressions such as “victory” or “defeat” given that over 70,000 people have died. Does anyone even know today, what would constitute “victory” in this endless war of hate and violence?