Sri Lankan Madness Goes On And On

Today, Sri Lnkan air force planes destroyed a Tamil rebel base in retaliation for suicide attacks which killed a government minister and 13 other people. Sri Lankan forces once again are “pounding away” at Tamil rebel forces, in a war that has gone on for quarter of a century in an unrelenting exchange of killing and destruction on the part of both sides. This seemingly endless war has caused the death of at least 70,000 people in a destructive cycle of death followed by death. It is estimated that Tamil rebels have probably undertaken about 240 suicide attacks against civilians during the course of a war without end or -purpose?

In the latest episdoe of mayhem the suicide bomber blew him or herself up at the opening ceremony of a marathon race, killing the highways minister, a formr Olympian, together with a dozen people and sending a 100 to the hospital. A witness, Nalin Warnasoonya, said: “I saw severed heads, hands, legs..” lying around”

The world little notes nor long remembers any of these death scenes on Sri Lanka since it is too busy with death in other parts of the world. Reports of what happened in Sri Lanka, at best, will get a passing moment on the six o’clock news report, and then on to the weather report. At some point, both sides in this troubled island must hammer out some form of resolution of the conflict.