Sri Lankan War Refugees In No Man’s Land

The long civil war in Sri Lanka is over, the rebels have been crushed, but the heritage of so much bloodshed and hatred lingers in the minds of the triumphant government as well as those who either supported the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam(LTTE) or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Over 300,000 innocent Sri Lankans are still in refugee camps while the government offers excuses why they must be kept in camp. Sugarthini Manikan’s husband came from an LTTE stronghold so authorities do not wish to allow his return home.

Outside investigators have found horrific conditions in refugee camps. As one described the situation, “people are scared to tell anyone of the problems we are facing. But it is a prison here. There are no enough health facilities for the problems.

If the Sri Lanka government was wise it might adopt the post war plans of Abraham Lincoln in which 500,000 died. Those who lost were allowed to return home and no one was killed.