St. Cliven, New American Patriot!

It increasingly becomes apparent that the Liberal Mafia which stifles freedom of expression has zeroed in on a great American patriot, Cliven Bundy. Heck, even Fox News which yesterday hailed his courageous fight to not pay money owed the American people, has now turned on him. All this great man wants in life is to get free use of Federal land so he can make a few hundred thousand bucks, he just wants the same government handout that goes to those lazy people who refuse to work. Anyway, the LIBERAL MEDIA and now the CONSERVATIVE MEDIA have turned on him just because he seeks to take advantage of freedom of speech. OK, so he said Negro folk were better off under slavery than today. All he meant was that in olden days any black skinned person who showed a gun would wind up swinging from a tree.

Cliven is a bit down hearted at how the Liberal and the Conservative media are attacking him. Actually, according to Cliven, when you get down to the heart of his problem, it is that uppity black guy named Martin Luther King who caused all these problems today. “If I say, ‘Negro,’ or ‘black boy,’ or ‘slave,’if those people can’t take those kind of words, and not be offended, then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet. We need to get over this prejudice stuff.”

I gather he expressed these sentiments while dressed in white with a white hood covering his eyes. Up the Rebel Flag!