St. Patrick Day Parade In Trouble

I was born and raised in the slums of New York City and if there is anything one quickly learns is that one must not mess with the Irish politicians who ran the city. I saw movies in which wonderful Irish priests solved problems and helped poor kids box their way out of poverty with a few good blows to their butts. Each year there was the wonderful St. Patrick Parade which allowed men and women to drink their full of beer and whiskey and all were happy. But, these days there are groups like the Boston Mass Equality which want to march carrying a banner that proclaims to the world: LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL TRANSGENDER VETERANS. The Allied War Veterans Council had no problem with gay and lesbians in the parade, but just wanted them to march without informing the world of their sexual orientation. For some reason, Mass Equality refused.

Mayor Walsh will not march unless all those who are gay are also allowed to march and carry whatever damn signs they desire. Organizers emphasized at least they HAD talked with gay folk, and that was a first, and they just “will not allow anyone to march who expresses harmful or inappropriate messages.”

I guess we wait until next year to get dead drunk and be happy!