St. Paul To Rescue?

Latest polls reveal that Congressman Ron Paul has a slight lead in the Iowa primary. Last week the hero of Republicans was Newt and the week before it was Mitt and the month before it was Rick P. Then again, it might turn out that Rick S. becomes next week’s hero of the moment. Ron Paul is against drug laws, against abortion laws, against the Federal Reserve System, against the income tax, and he wants something termed “free enterprise” to reign once again in America.

Unfortunately, Ron has never read an American history book because he believes our Founding  Fathers were against the Federal Government assuming a role in our economy. Alexander Hamilton, noted Communist, organized the Bank of the US in the 1790s which assumed state debts in order to establish a system of paying off Revolutionary War debts and giving America a solid credit rating in the world. Of course, noted Socialist President Jefferson, built the National Highway, states built canals, roads, bridges, and train tracks. Of course, the Federal Government under noted Socialist presidents like Adams and Madison supported tariffs. A tariff is a tax on goods coming from abroad which are cheaper than American made goods. In other words, consumers are taxed in order to help business succeed.

Ah,  Ron, you simply need to read an American history book for Dummies.