St. Paul Will Not Bless Fellow Republicans!

Ron Paul is upset with the men and women who have lingered for nearly a year in the quest to become the Republican nominee for president. After listening to the blather of Mitt, Newt, Michele, Rick, Rick and Herman, the doctor from Texas has concluded neither of them is qualified to become president. They sound too much like the liberal Socialist President Obama. St. Paul believes his opponents are in favor of the status quo rather than believers in new ideas.

Ron Paul simply can not understand whey these people do not wish to abolish the Federal Reserve System, why they want government to build roads or bridges or schools or the Internet? Ron wants to return to the days of yore when “the government” of Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the US, build roads, canals and instituted tariffs to protect US businessmen from foreign competition in the marketplace of goods. Ah, the good old days of “free enterprise!”

So, who knows, will the doctor from Texas run for president?