St. Sarah, Patron Saint Of Wealthy

Undoubtedly, you have read about the humanitarian work of Mother Teresa, but due to the liberal media, few Americans know about the outstanding work on the part of Mother Sarah, guardian angel of the wealthy. Yes, this Mother Teresa spends time with poor people or lepers, but what about the risk run by Mother Sarah who daily grapples with vipers set upon her by LIBERALS? Our beloved Mother Sarah is not frightened to enter the jungles of Harlem or the streets of San Francisco where, at any moment, she might be set up by LESBIANS! Or, she has to walk on the same street as two male perverts holding hands, and, on some occasions these GAY GUYS kiss one another. Few women in history have risked so much for so few and endured such torture and hostility.

She has fought without ever being concerned about her safety for LOWER TAXES, TAX BREAKS and NO INHERITANCE TAXES for the men and women who are most persecuted in American society–the wealthy. Oh, I know some sneer at this comment and argue poor people are worse off. Really! Wealthy people today have been forced to give up servants! Wealthy people today, have been forced to pay up to 12% of their income in taxes! Wealthy people today have been forced to pay 5% of their initial $10,000,000 income for social security despite the fact they have no need of this benefit. But, worse of all, no one speaks up to defend these poor individuals who are scorned and denied their civil rights. But, once Mother Sarah appeared on the scene two years ago, thousands of poor, wealthy people who live in world of discrimination and hate, were finally able to hold their heads up high and be treated on an equal basis with the dominating poor people class of America.

Listen to the wise words of St. Sarah:

If ye love God, then love money which is the source of all faith

Power, and the exercise thereof, is the 11th Commandment of God.

A wink in time is better than a thought in time.

To love money and the wealthy is to come closer to God