Stalemate Allows Gaddafi To Check Enemies

Barack Obama admitted the situation in Libya has resulted in rebel forces being unable to dislodge Gaddafi forces from their current positions around the city of Misrata. Gaddafi troops have artillery and missiles which can be fired without fear of getting bombed by airplanes. On reflection, it is clear when a Republican president like George Bush initiates a war his party stands united in the call for action. Of course, when a Democrat initiates military action, the Republican party stands united to oppose use of military force that will cost billions to achieve. Republicans are a war party when they begin a war and they are the party for fiscal responsibility when Democrats are in power. President Obama was clear about the problem now confronting rebels in Libya. “In the absence of actual soldiers on the ground, Gaddafi forces are still going to be able at least to defend their current positions.”

So, what next is the real question? This blog suggests that Senator John McCain be placed in charge of raising an army to help Libya rebels. He could certainly find about 10,000 NRA members who would like to take a shot at being shot at in order to prove they believe the gun is mightier than the voice. The new motto: Join the NRA and Stand Tall For Freedom In The Desert.

I wonder how many brave NRA guys would place themselves in a situation in which the deer had guns?