Stand Fast America For American Conservatives!

A group of at least 100 Republican conservatives are circulating a letter to John Boehner which urges him to stand fast against the Socialist-Communist ideas of President Obama. They regard the challenge over demanding wealthy people to pay an additional 3% in taxes is central to the meaning of the United States of America. For Conservatives this is the climatic battle of civilization. Some might regard the Civil War or World War II as important events, but to these determined freedom fighters THE issue is protecting the rights of wealthy people to be wealthy!

The radical Obama wants to raise the top tax rate to 39%. Under Republican presidents, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, George Bush I, the rates were higher. We now understand those men were simply agents of the international communist conspiracy to take wealth of those with money and end the United States of America.

I now understand the entire commie plan to strip this nation of its heritage began with the Socialist Abraham Lincoln who introduced the income tax. Perhaps,  on reflection, it is now clear the South was Right! The darkies would have been happier if only they still were slaves!