I understand that in American society there exists a bunch of cowards who pretend to be in favor of allowing criminals to run wild in our streets without any fear of being halted. These “liberals” are the sort who vote for foreign socialists like Barack Obama and hate the US Constitution. Curtis Reeves, a former policeman for the Tampa Police Department, took his wife to the movie theater for a night of entertainment. During previews for the movie to be watched, some guy named Chad Coulson was texting something to his daughter’s daycare and creating noise. Mr.Reeves told him to halt, complained theater management and when he returned to his seat the argument continued. At this point Mr. Reeves was assaulted by either some popcorn or a bag of dangerous popcorn. Mr.Reeves is not only an American, he is an American who believes in the right to Stand Your Ground when assaulted by violent criminals and members of terrorist organizations. He proceeded to shoot and kill the popcorn terrorist, one Chad Coulson.

As Richard Escobar, lawyer for Curtis Reeves put it: “The alleged victim attacked him. At that point in time he has every right to defend himself.” Damn well right. The next time some friggin baby throws her food back at me, I have the Right to Stand My Ground and blast away at the little twerp!!