Stand Your Ground For Russia

It is increasingly clear that President Vladimir Putin should run for the top job of leading the National Rifle Association in America. Putin has dispatched troops to the Crimea who are armed and ready to fight to take over military bases, and, the entire country in the name of one must stand one’s ground when life is threatened. According to the Putin narrative, he is simply an innocent man whose property was threatened by a bunch of Fascists from the Ukraine whose only goal in life is to brutalize and murder innocent Russian people who happen, not to be living in Mother Russia, but in some place called, the Crimea.

Men dressed in uniforms of the Russian army, faces covered with masks and carrying Russian made rifles have taken over Ukraine military bases in the Crimea. They have killed a few Ukrainians and intend to control the entire region until one day it can become part of Mother Russia. I assume no one will blame President Putin, all he has or will do is Stand His Ground in the name of safety and security!!