Stand Your Ground-Sort Of!

It was just a few months ago that Fox News commentators blasted President Obama for expressing concern when a black boy, Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman who argued that he shot the black boy because he was wandering through a neighborhood without sufficient right to be present where many whites lived. For months, right wing conservatives insisted that Zimmerman was only doing what any God fearing white dude would do-stand up for safety against strange black skinned youth. Zimmerman’s lawyer cited the state stand-your-own-ground law which argued if you are threatened by someone, then one has the right to shoot and kill that person.

Lawyer Mark O’Mara told a judge that the defence would drop that argument and stand trial for second-degree murder. He will continue insisting the Trayvon Martin was a threat to his client’s safety. It turns out the prosecutor has evidence that Zimmerman repeatedly called in accounts fo unidentified males wandering the streets of his fair city.

Will Fox News apologize?