Standing For Social Justice And Being Punished

It was just another hockey game between teenagers who play in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and bodies were hitting one another and the boys were excited. Two boys were sent to the penalty box for a few minutes and while there, one of them told the other he was a damn “nigger.” the boy who shouted the insult was seated for a few minutes by his coach, but was sent back to the ice. Coach Greg Walsh was infuriated that no apology was given to the boy on his team who had received the “n’ word. He pulled his players off the ice demanding an apology. None was forthcoming. Coach Walsh is now under suspension, and may not coach for up to a year because the broke a rule. A rule says no one can refuse to play a game and pull their team off the ice. Who cares what happens, we must always obey the rule.

The Ontario Hockey Association should examine Nazi, Germany which demanded that one must always obey the rules. No, shouting the “n” word is not like Nazi, Germany, but Greg Walsh has been mistreated and his team insulted by hockey officials. Gentlemen, there ARE occasions when one must protect your players from being insulted. The hockey association exists for young boys, not for old white farts!