Stars & Stripes Forever

During World War II, General Patton became furious at stories in the Stars & Stripes along with the bitter cynical cartoons of Bill Mauldin. He threatened to close down the paper unless it ceased poking fun at officers. General Eisenhower, commander of American forces in Europe told Patton to back off because if the United States was fighting for freedom those who did the fighting had the right to express their opinions. The Pentagon, under pressure from Congress to cut expenses, is considering closing down the Stars & Stripes as well as the Pentagon Channel. The budget for the paper is about $8 million. That would be the cost of a congressional bill dealing with a new piece of pork for a single congressman.

This is another example of how we demean those who fight for this nation. They are not even allowed to have their own newspaper. We have offered this to American soldiers for a hundred years. But, we must give tax breaks to the wealthy. After all, they create jobs, members of the military waste our money getting killed.