Starvation Rules In Syria

The one certainty in Syria is that tomorrow will bring more deaths to the innocent. Diplomats will argue in the Security Council, experts will debate this or that idea and while talk fills the air so do the bombs of death and slaughter. Anyone with any knowledge of the destruction in Syria is quite aware that people simply do not have much food, let alone medical assitance or even a place in which to be buried. The people of Syria are on the brink of hunger and death unless some means can be identified to feed the hungry. At each moment children are being shot, gassed to death or simply collapsing from hunger. We can debate which side is right, we can argue about whether or not gas was used to kill, but we do know that hunger is killing people.

It is strange how the world debates the process of death-gas or guns? OK, we know that innocent people will die. OK, we know that people need food. The immediate issue is feeding people. After that is handled, we can engage in debates about the guilt or non guilt of participants