State Decides Therapy?

I abhor all efforts to prove that someone who is gay or lesbian or whatever is “sick.” One man’sickness is another man’s joy. It is not my business nor the business of government to make decisions as to how an individual leads his/her life. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey signed a new bill which banns a licensed therapist from working with an individual that seeks to use psychology to persuade a gay person from turning away and becoming straight. He termed this form of therapy “an insidious form of child abuse.” Most probably it is. But, there is a difference from allowing parents to impose this form of therapy and an individual voluntarily deciding this is for him.

I prefer if government stay out of deciding what is or is not the right form of therapy. We do not need government officials interfering with our sexual decisions. After all, there are men who enjoy being subject to sadistic actiions by another human. That is their choice, and government has nothing to say about this. Yes, it is insidious.