State Department Foot And Mouth Disease On Kenya

The Bush adminisltration constantly proclaims its commitment to democracy and the rights of nations to pursue their own destinies because our beloved president does not wish to repeat the failed policies of Bill Clinton’s nation building. Kenya is in the midst of a crisis and former UN Secretrary General Kofi Annan is hard at work to find a compromise solution. However, Jendayl Frazer, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa recently commented: “We’ll find an international mechanism if they can’t find it internally(within Kenya).” Of course, the US embassy in Kenya, immediately contradicted the Frazer comment. T.J. Dowling bluntly stated, “The U.S. has no plan B and an intervention plan will certainly not come from us. However, the UN and the African Union will intervene if major problems occur, but that is a very long shot.”

The only certainty about a Bush foreign policy in any area of the world is that at some point contradictions regarding his goals will emerge. One is left with the impression no one is ever in charge at the State Department. Annan is handling the situation, the least Bush people can do is to remain silent and let the man do his work. If George Bush had a brain he would have invited Annan to the Annapolis Conference and tried to use his talents in resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Of course, one must always remember George Bush promised, if elected, not to follow the Clinton nation building approach to foreign policy.