Stay Or Go?–Gordon Brown Is Going!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is facing a revolt by members of his party who are furious at what they consider to be his bungling performance as leader of the nation. As people protested in the streets of London, the British prime minister is prepared to tell his guest, George Bush, that Britain will be evacuating its forces from Iraq regardless of whether this please the president. Bush gave a warning to the prime minister”I am confident that he, like me will listen to our commanders to make sure that sacrifices that have gone forward will not be unravelled by drawdowns that may not be warranted at this time.” British Foreign Minister David Miliband took knowledge of the president’s feelings but also made clear his nation would decide when “we will complete the job we started.”

Gordon Brown is trapped in a situation in which his leadership credibility is being questioned by members of his own party. He must take decisive action and withdrawing from Iraq will raise his stature, not only in his party, but the nation.

Once again Bush lamented to reporters his use of words which he now regrets having stated. He now believes saying he wanted Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive” was a mistake because it cast him as a warmonger. He is also upset the media tries to portray him as a “religious zealot.” Wonder why?