Stay Or Go In Afghanistan

It is rapidly approaching that moment in life when a decision has to be made by the American government as to whether or not  US troops should pack up their old kit bag and get the hell out of Afghanistan or remain and enjoy life with the Taliban. President Obama has pledged to remove American forces by 2014 although he left open the possibility that a few thousand would remain for training purposes. We assume the training is enabling Afghans to shoot American troops who are there to aid their efforts against the Taliban.

In all probability, about 6,000 to 15,000 will be spending their days gazing behind to ensure their allies do not have a weapon pointed in their direction. As Obama put it, the Afghan people have to defend the Afghan people. I assume an important question is: how will the Taliban react when most US troops have left??

Tune in for the conclusion of this story about February, 2014.