In my youth I did hitch hike through the state of Arizona on my way to California and was stopped by some Arizona police who demanded that I better have $50 or they would send me to jail for the crime of vagrancy. Fortunately, I had some money and they allowed me to go on to California. Fast forward sixty years and the people of Arizona have gone crazy with their nonsensical ideas concerning gays and lesbians. BOTH Houses of the legislature passed SB1062 which allows any businessman to refuse service to gays or lesbians if the act of selling ice cream to “those people” violates his religious beliefs.

Rocco DeGraza, owner of “Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizaa” in Tucson believes his state has gone bonkers. He has posted a sign which says: “We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona Legislators.” Finally, some intelligent people living in Arizona.

I await in Arizona an ambulance driver refusing to provide service to someone injured in a car wreck because the person said they were gay!!

If I live in Arizona can I refuse to pay state taxes on ground to do so violates my religious beliefs?