Stay Out Of Pakistan, PM Warns US!

Pakistan’s prime minister made clear to the United States, his nation would not tolerate any further incursions into its territory by units of the American armed forces. He strongly supported the recent statement by General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, head of Pakistan’s armed forces, who said unilateral actions by the Americans risked undermining efforts to deal with terrorism. “Falling for short-term gains while ignoring our long-term interest is not the right way forward,” he said on Wednesday. The Pakistan military leader was concerned Pakistanis would regard US attacks on their territory as a license to do as they wish. If the average Pakistani comes to believe its own army is incapable of defending their territory against foreign attack it fuels the desire to side with militants.

On one hand, the United States is upset at failure on the part of Pakistan to control insurgents who openly reside in their nation. On the other side, Pakistanis are furious at US air strikes which have killed dozens of civilians. Meanwhile, in the reality that is Pakistan, the bodies of two men were found who were among 25 police recruits kidnapped by insurgents. In the tribal region of Bajur, the bodies of three bullet ridden men were found who supposedly cooperated with government forces. On the bodies were a note: “this is the result of working against the Taliban and cooperating with the army instead of joining the jihad.”

  • ashfaq

    200 women killed. 3 mosques bombarded.dare to put feet in pakistan and we will make it a graveyard for america.this is terrorism and no doubt usa kill poor innocents.usa is defeated in iraq and afghanistan .leave the land of muslims and crusaders of islam have no right to live.2,500 killed in usa own made wtc and now millions iraqis dead.afghanistan being bombarded daily.soon u all will reach hell for ur sins.