Stay Out Of Southern Thailand And Stay Healthy

Thailand is rarely placed in the ranks of Muslim nations even though a large part of its southern regions are historically, Muslim. A rebellion against rule by the Thai government has been going on for years and a favorite tactic of Muslim rebels is killing teachers, regardless of whether they are Muslim or Buddhist. An estimated 30,000 Thai troops plus thousands of paramilitary forces are engaged in fighting insurgents. Although most schools in the region which are attacked have mainly Muslim children and Muslim faculty, the insurgents continue their killing spree. An estimated 131 educators have been killed in the region since 2004. Most schools are guarded by Thai troops, but it is impossible to prevent teachers from getting killed either on the way or home from schools. The southern region was once an autonomous malay sultanate until annexed by Buddhist Thaliand.

Muslim complaints are the familiar litany produced by insurgents throughout the world. Lack of respect for ethnic identify, language and religious issues and lack of financial support to develop the region. Children are caught in this adult crossfire and as teachers depart in fear for their lives, the result will be increased illiteracy and fewer children attending higher education institutions. Once more militants will triumph along with ignorance.