Stein Leaves, Hello Fox News!

Sgt. Gary Stein was a member of the United States Marine Corps, that is until yesterday when he was asked to leave the armed forces. Stein posted on his Facebook account the following statement: “Screw Obama, I will not follow all orders from him.”  This violates historic regulations which forbid members of the armed forces to publicly  state their refusal to follow orders given to them by superior officers. Nor are they allowed to participate in politics and use public platforms to advocate political ideas. Why”

The United States of America is among the few nations in the world which has never witnessed attempts by the armed forces to overthrow the government. Members of the armed forces are not allowed to engage in politics in order to preserve our historic belief that civilians control the government, not military officers. Once in the military one should understand that civilian concepts of “free speech” do not exist. We  must preserve civilian control of our government.

Most probably, Sgt. Stein was playing to the  right wing conservative media which also enjoys insulting the president and claiming he is not born in America. We assume that within the coming months Sgt. Stein will havea  talk show on Fox News and join the other haters of President Obama.

By the way, President Obama does not give orders to Sergeants, he also operates through the chain of command!