Step I For Health Care In America!

According to latest reports the sky has not fallen, Wall Street is still open for business, people were not laid off by employers because of health benefits, and the world proceeds with its normal course of events. President Obama finally has pushed through a health care bill that will be the first step along the path of health and financial sense in the United States. The vote in the House of Representatives was 219-212 even as thousands of Tea Party bullies ranted and raved against passage of a bill that provided health care to 32 million of their fellow Americans. The bill is far from perfect. It does not address issues of rising premiums, it does not address issues of denying people access to low cost drugs, and it will not address issues of bloated profits for health insurance companies. It is a first step, that is all.

This blog would have preferred a more focused health care bill that dealt with rising insurance premiums and the need for low cost drugs and a public run option, but we expect in the coming years those ideas to become reality. President Obama did the right thing in fighting for health care, and now it is necessary to ensure that all Americans understand this bill is not against health care, it is a step towards achieving it.

  • journeyer58

    Step 1, Fred? No, this is not the first step, but the worst backwards step imaginable.
    We, will be worse off than before when this bill comes into law, which is going to be in 2014.
    The people that will be hit hardest are those with disabilities, like myself. We will be cast off the rolls of the Medicaid System and set adrift on the sea of nothingness, no medical care, no prescription coverage and especially no safety net, without which I personally will not be able to survive-and this is literal not figurative speech.
    How could the Democrats bend over so much for the insurance lobby? I’ll tell you how, MONEY! lots and lots of MONEY given to the campaign coffers of those who voted for this abomination.
    We the people are now going to be suffering worse than before and PAYING for the privilege of having insurance that does nothing except line the pockets of those in the insurance companies that will be providing the ‘health care
    I find it odd, that the most powerful nation on Earth, cannot provide decent medical care for ALL its citizens, when other countries do the same for lots less money and with mandates that require coverage for all citizens in their country.
    Makes me want to get my degree again, and emigrate to another country that is more hospitable to those who have handicaps and those who need medical care on an ongoing basis.