The United States needs a new health policy for its politicians.

1. Majority rules in Congress

2. Require compulsory courses in economics for all members of Congress.

3. Social security tax is placed on ALL income.

4. The Attorney General must be a member of the party not in power.

5. All conversations between members of Congress and lobbyists are taped.

6. All political parties have TV time based on percent of vote obtained in last presidential election.

7. Congressmen must submit proof each week that at least ten meals were eaten at home.

8. Each week at least one lunch time meal must be eaten together by members of the Republican and Democratic party.

9. A nomination submitted by the president must be acted upon within ninety days, yes or no.

10. In each state a non-partisan group decides congressional district boundaries.

11. “Rule of Ten” means no member can delay a vote on a bill for more than ten days.

12. Wives of members of Congress have a weekly luncheon with discussion about politics off limit.

13. The president of the US must have a private meeting with each member of Congress during the year.

14. At least ten percent of the Cabinet must be under the age of 30.

15. The president server one term of five years and no more.

  • Melody J Haislip

    I’m with you right up to #15. How about one five-year term if I don’t like him, and two if I do? That sounds fair to me.

    BTW, this will never fly. It makes too much sense.