Sterling Banned: Right Or Wrong?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver took over the job a few months ago, and now must render a decision regarding how to handle Donald Sterling, a wealthy old man who harbors old fashioned ideas concerning those with dark skins. Mr. Sterling’s comments about black people are now known to most Americans. He apparently sees no problem with his girl getting fucked by a black man, just don’t be seen with one, and, certainly, don’t bring one to a Los Angeles Clipper game. Mr. Silver issued his decision: Donald Sterling is now banned from the NBA and Silver will work with other NBA owners to ensure the franchise is sold to someone with slightly different views on the position of black Americans. “I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners.” Oh, and Donald, has to pay a fine of $2.5 million.

Donald Sterling is an idiot, a schmuck and does not belong owning anything. BUT, we do have a Constitution which guarantees the right to be a schmuck and idiot. I suspect the US Supreme Court would have to rule this decision is unconstitutional. Just remember, today’s idiot may be tomorrow’s brilliant person. In 1896, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was legal-separate but equal decision.


1. Have him transfer control of the Los Angeles Clippers to his children.

2. Urge him to take the leadership in selling the team.

We also need schmucks in this world.