Sterling Fights For Freedom Of Speech!

I realize that most Americans do not like Donald Sterling. However, it must be admitted that this man loves women, it must be admitted that this man worked himself up from poverty and became one of those who create jobs. Exactly, what was his crime? As Donald argues, he was illegally recorded “during an inflamed lovers’ quarrel in which he was clearly distraught.” According to Chairman Donald, “A jealous rant to a lover never intended to be published cannot offend the NBA. The man has a point. Examine the record:

1. He is a billionaire.
2. He has a record of creating jobs.
3. He employs black skinned folk.
4. He has won awards from the NAAÇP as a man who loves black skinned folk.
5. He contributes to the Republican Party.

In reality, this is the record of those who created and built America. He not only loves black skinned folk, but understands their real role in America. So, how come this stalwart fighter for black skinned folk can be considered an enemy of black skinned folk? Blame it on “those women.” Don is fighting for the right of any real MAN to insult women. I assume this is in the Constitution.

I assume the NAACP will once again,upon receiving money from Don, give him an award!