Steve Martin Bores All

Disclosure, I do not go to hear people talk on stage, and it is against my cheapness to pay money to hear people talk about nothing other than their lives. Steve Martin, the comic guy, was invited to discuss his life on stage at the 92nd Street Y with Deborah Solomon. Their scintillating conversation plunged into the topic of art, of artists, and other such fascinating aspects of American society. For some strange reason, people in the audience thought they were going to hear Steve Martin talk about himself, about famous people he knows, and, perhaps, even the topic of comedy. Unfortunately, Steve and Deborah mumbled on and on about art. About half-way through their fascinating discussion, someone from the Y handed Ms. Solomon a note asking her to begin asking questions to Steve that would be of interest to people who had paid $50 to pick up some gossip. Alas, they continued talking about their own interests, and not those of concern to the audience. The talk concluded with people existing mumbling curses for their experience in boredom.

The Y announced it had sent each person in the audience a full refund for their ticket and an apology for what they endured. My question is: will George Bush send a refund to the American people for wasting $4 trillion of their dollars on a war about nothing? Boredom we can endure death, however, is final.