Still Stonewalling In Burma

The Myanmar military junta continues its obstructive behavior in preventing all possible aid to be provided cyclone victims. It slightly opened the door for some limited assistance from the world, but it refuses to throw open its doors to every possible way to help those who survived the cyclone. As of this date, after weeks of delay and procrastination about 180 visas have been granted although many more people would like to take part in rebuilding the nation of Burma. John Holmes, a top UN official who is handling relief operations, admits they are now reaching people who were caught in the cyclone and survived but that doesn’t mean survivors are receiving all possible aid.

The bottom line is the military junta was complete control over relief operations so it can take credit for whatever food or water or clothing is received by refugees. Burma simply lacks the expertise to handle such a large scale relief operation, but the junta would prefer if people died rather than allow strangers to hand out relief packages.

  • Charles Liu

    As demonstrated in previous comments, not all possible aid aid reached the Katrina vicitms, as Bush had refused much of the aid offered by the world.

    Why can’t the Burmese do the same thing? And aid from other coutries are neighter limite nor inferior, as aid and workers from nations friendly to Burma was accepted and reached the Burmese as early as 5/7.

    By 5/10 multiple waves of aid from half dozen countries have reached Burma. I’ve provided citation on those as well.