Stone Throwing Children Issue In Turkey

Occasionally. I wonder if I am on a planet inhabited by life forms who have the semblance of ability to think in ways reflecting possession of intelligence. In Turkey, children found to be throwing stones in support of “terrorist groups” can be sent to jail with hardened criminals in order to learn how to progress from throwing stones to heaving bombs. If a child is discovered near or in an “illegal demonstration,” the penalty can be off to jail. However, there is a proposed law that would not send such children to jail with adult offenders, but remand them to the custody of a court for juveniles. I assume at that point this court would send them to jail where there are adult offenders.

Ostensibly, this entire matter relates to the how children interact with security forces. I assume in Turkey its security forces have difficulty handling children and thus are compelled to send them to jail. I think it would be preferable to hop on the first space ship headed to a planet where life forms have intelligent thought processes.