Stop And Cease?

The people of New York City are divided over the ongoing stop and search policies of its police department. Each year about 800,000 New Yorkers are halted, searched by members of the police department, and then, either sent on their way or sent to the nearest  precinct station. Many New Yorkers claim this policy is the cause of a drop in crime. Yes, Commissioner Ray Kelly,crime has dropped, the number of murders has dropped, but there is no evidence stopping and searching has anything to do with this result. Attorney General Eric Holder wants a judge to monitor the NYPD in order to halt its stop-and-frisk policies.

Reality, 80% of those halted are African Americans and Hispanics. Reality, crime is dropping in every major city, including those which  lack a halt and search policy. There have been hurricanes in New York City, were they the cause of a drop in crime? Reality, whenever the age cohort of 18-28 drops in size, crime also drops. Stop and search is NOT the cause of crime reduction.