Stop And Frisk Dark Skinned Folk

A basic assumption of the New York City Police department is that those who possess darker skin color are more prone to violence and crime. Over 700,000 people are halted each year in the Big Apple and one can bet that at least 80% fit into the Hispanic or Black American category. There is a small unit within the NY Police Department which is known as the Demographics Unit, or sometimes as the Zone Assessment investigations department and these folk are no so much interested in Hispanics or Black men as with Muslims. They monitor phone conversations, wire tap people in mosques and are on the alert for some type of Muslim terrorist explosion which will blast to pieces a piece of New York City.

Shamiur Rahman was paid $1500 a month to spy on the Muslim community, he took photos of men attending a mosque, took down cell phone numbers and car license plate numbers, but it still unclear as to the exact number of terrorists he was able to identify.

Oh, he even infiltrated the John Jay Muslim Student Association which is for prospective policemen. As far as we know, there are no results of terrorists being caught.

P.S. Do they hire nice Jewish boys to spy on Muslims?