Stop And Frisk Doesn’t Stop Murders!

Conservatives so enjoy demanding tougher laws dealing with those who supposedly are criminals. Republicans–and many liberals– support the policy of New York City Police  boss, Ray Kelly, who believes halting young men and frisking them for potential weapons  results in lower murder rates. Of course, of the 500,000 who yearly are stopped and frisked, about 80% are black skinned or Hispanic. So here are the actual figures on murder rates in NYC:

2001 –649 (year Kelly hired)

2002 — 587

2003-2011 — 544

In other words, there is not the slightest piece of evidence that halting young men has any connection with murder rates. However, it does raise the rate of humiliation. For the record, the most accurate piece of data which helps understand murder rates is — the number of males in the age bracket of 18-25.  If that age bracket is reduced in size so does the rate of murders.