Stop And Search-If They Are Muslims,Black,Hispanic..

I was born and raised in the city of New York which once was regarded as a center of liberalism in America. Today, over 600,000 black and Hispanic people are stopped and searched because they are Hispanic and African America. If that wasn’t bad enough, the FBI now claims operating procedures of the New York Police Department also violate rights of Muslims.

The famous–notorious?- program of New York police which taps phones, and intrudes into the private lives of Muslims in the city was criticized by the FBI as not only a waste of money, but a violation of human rights. Ronald Kessler in a new book reports FBI officials lack respect the intrusive program of  New York police and do not see any benefits emerging from harassing  Muslims in the city.

Of course, Mayor Bloomberg defends stopping young black and Hispanic kids. There is no evidence these procedures are responsible for lowering crime rates. However, they certainly raise statistics for police are “preventing crime.”  One man’s prevention is another man’s violation of human rights.