“Stop Blaming Pakistan!”

The ongoing saga between the United States and Pakistan continues with ever increasing frustration on the part of both parties. American leaders are furious that the infamous Pakistan secret  service, the ISI, was undoubtedly behind attacks on the US Embassy in Kabul and a suicide bombing at a base which left over 70 servicemen wounded. They blame the ISI for working with the Haqqani network in both helping to plan and execute these attacks.

Pakistan General Ashfaq Kayani is also angry. He insists the ISI is innocent and blames the US for violating his nation’s sovereignty by conducting military operations in  Pakistan. In reality, the Haqqani network is viewed by the ISI as a weapon in case Pakistan goes to war against India. Until Pakistan leaders cease their never ending  fear of war with India, they will continue to hamper their own nation’s economic and political growth. As Pakistan worried about India, the people of India are developing an economic powerhouse.