Stop-Frisk Wall Street?

The New York City Police Department has a policy of halting black skinned and Hispanic folk in order to prevent crimes. P0lice head Ray Kelly once told state  senator Eric Adams, his goal was to “instill the fear in black and Hispanic youth that every time they left their homes, they will feel that they could be stopped.”  In 2002 about 94,000 were halted while in 2011 about 684,000 were greeted by members of the police force. About 85% of those halted beclong to these   two groups.

We suppor the idea of stop and frist, but we think the wrong people are halted. How about a program designed to stop and frisk those working on Wall Street? After all, if one wants to reduce crime in America, what better group to search than bankers, stock brokers and hedge fund leaders? Stop the fleecing of the American people, STOP AND  FRISK WEALTHY PEOPLE!