Stop Promoting The Devil!

I thank God a cleric in Malaysia has helped me to discover the reasons for my failure to recognize that by supporting certain athletic teams it is simply doing the Devil’s work. Noah Gadet informed Muslims throughout the world that it is forbidden to wear the red shirt of the Manchester United team because of the Devil crest crest on the shirt. “As aMuslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devil. It will erode our beliefs in Islam.” Of course, those shouting support for Manchester United are simply shouting for the Devil to rush to the stadium and strike down all Muslims on their feet when United scores a goal. I am a fervent New York Knick fan and for the past forty years have wandered in the forest of defeat as year after year we fail to win a championship. Little did I realize this failure did not stem from incompetent players on the court, but from our shirts. Every time I utter a groan of anguish it simply empowers the Devil to strike down some Muslim some place in the world.

What if Manchester United fans went bare chested? Is that Kosher according to the Muslim religion? What if a Manchester United fan wore the shirt of the opposing team, would Allah or God or someone up in heaven strike down all opposing fans as well as the opposing team?