Storeowner Kills Robbers

It was a scene that would gladden the heart of every supporter of gun rights. Four men entered a jewelry store and attempted to rob the owner, Ramon Castillo. They forced Mr, Castillo to the back, tied the hands of his wife and when they attempted to tie his hands, the angry store owner reached behind his back and got a revolver concealed in his belt. The firing then commenced. Bullets were flying all over the shop, bullets hit the body of Mr. Castillo but he continued firing and by this time secured a shotgun which only made his response more deadly. Within a few minutes, three of the robbers lay dead on the floor while the fourth ran for his life. Mrs. Castillo escaped without a scratch but her husband received several wounds and is in the hospital. Ah, the prior description is what gun supporters argue is the raison d’etre for allowing people to possess weapons.

If Mr. Castillo dies there will be no solace to his family knowing three men are dead who attempted to get some pieces of glass we call, diamonds. In Capitalist America it is better to die than to hand over some pieces of glass. Actually, the prior scenario is exactly why gun possession is dangerous. If the men got the jewels no one would be hurt, and that includes Mr. Castillo. Fortunately, his wife escaped without harm, but she could have either been wounded or killed over some stupid pieces of jewelry.