Storm In Teacup Over Clark Remarks Angers McCain

The storm in a teacup over a comment by retired Army General Wesley Clark continues echoing in the halls of Republican followers of John McCain. The senator from Arizona denounced Clark’s comment “I don'[t think riding in a fighter plane and getting show down is a qualification to be president.” McCain demanded “I think it is time for Senator Obama to not just repudiate General Clark but to cut him loose.” Several Republican leaders blame Senator Obama for “nodding and winking” about the Clark statement despite the fact he referred to it in negative terms.

Senator McCain’s demand that General Clark be”cut loose” is confusing since there is nothing to cut him loose from since he has no official role in the Obama campaign. The self righteous anger of Republicans concerning remarks about a man who fought in Vietnam might be taken more seriously if they had also been made against the filthy campaign against Senator Kerry who served in Vietnam while draft dodger Dick Cheney and coward George Bush made certain they were no where near actual fighting.

General Wesley Clark was in actual combat and risked his life. Senator Lindsay Graham claims McCain’s torture experience made him an expert on issues such as torture. However, while General Clark denounced torture as a means of interrogation, Senator McCain refused to vote against a bill that would have prevented torture being used in the interrogation process.

P.S. Senator John F. Kennedy was elected based on his political ideas not because he commanded a P.T. boat in the Pacific that got shot up and destroyed.

  • hshu

    where were these patriots in 2004? kissing up to a person who spent his millitary time campaigning instead of fighting. God Bless Gen. Clark for telling the truth.