Stranded In Ashes And Going Nowhere

Volcanic ash to most people is a hindrance in their lives, but to some businessmen it has proved to be a wonderful way to make money. Airlines made the correct decision to cancel flights in order to avoid a potential disaster, but they remained with thousands of people stranded in their airports, many with young children. A disaster is a calamity, but it is also an opportunity to draw upon creative thinking. It is almost a week after planes resumed flying, but thousands remain in airports and, for some strange reason, airlines are selling tickets for daily flights. If high priority is ensuring those in airports are sent on their way, and there is limited space to accomplish that task, reason would indicate a priority system whereby those IN the airport are given precedence over those NOT in the airport.

Passengers are reporting many airlines are hiking prices on First Class seats and offering them to those who are stranded. An act of nature does not translate into exploiting those trapped by Mother Nature. Hopefully, airlines would assume the role of mother and take care of their customers.