Strange Case Of Gay Indian Professor

Aligarh Muslim University teacher S.R. Siras was a homosexual who was teaching at a Muslim university in India, a situation in itself raising many issues. But, two journalists enlisted the services of a local TV channel in order to spy on the teacher and they caught him in a consensual homosexual act with a rickshaw puller. Siras had been suspended by the university on February 9 for “gross misconduct” and then on April 7 he was found dead under mysterious circumstances that currently are under investigation. Prior to his death, Siras had instituted legal action against the university for invading his privacy and conducting a sting operation in order to capture him in a homosexual act.

The issue is not just his death, but the right of the media to intrude into private lives of people and to bring harm to their lives. It is one thing to capture someone in an embarrassing act, but to coordinate a sting operation in order to capture a human engaged in legal sex interferes with our right to privacy.