Strange Death Of Christopher Domer

I have absolutely no knowledge of Mr. Christopher Domer or what he thought of why he killed people, but there is something strange about his pursuit and death. Domer, who was dismissed from the Los Angeles Police Department for complaining about other officers, went on a killing rampage. A SWAT team surrounded a cabin which was located a few hundred feet from the command center in Big Bear Lake. Police never knocked on cabin doors or inquired from the owners of cabins if they had seen Domer.
They finally surrounded Domer in a cabin. Radio voices were heard saying, “burn it (cabin) down. We’re goona go forward with the plan, with burn.” A TV commentator heard a policeman say, “we’re going to burn him out.” Perhaps, it was necessary to burn him out, who knows. The only thing that is clear concerning this entire episode is that historic comments about the LAPD were borne out–don’t trust them.