Strange Deaths In Afghanistan

There are moments in the war in Afghanistan in which Americans are left to wonder what is going on and does anyone in charge have the faintest idea as to daily events in the country. Several days ago, two sailors drove their car into a crowded bazaar area which was known to contain members of the Taliban. They ignored efforts by Afghan security forces to halt their vehicle, continued driving and finally encountered the Taliban who proceeded to kill one, capture the other, and then kill him. Military sources will only confirm the sailors were attending a counterinsurgency school for Afghan security forces, but there is no explanation why the two men drove into a Taliban area without any protection. Jarod Newlove and Justin McNeley are dead. Two more deaths from Afghanistan. Their deaths are for reasons unknown. But, aren’t the deaths of over one thousand Americans also the result of unknown reasons?

What exactly was the reason these two young men drove into a Taliban area? Do their superiors know the reason? Does anyone know the reason? By the way, does the president of the United States know the reason our forces are fighting in a country while our ally in Pakistan is providing weapons and training for those who killed these two young men?